A Great Bonding Experience: Minecraft Servers

There is a huge phenomenon that has been sweeping the video game world over the last few years. That phenomenon is the game known as Minecraft.

Most modern video games tend to be shooters, or third-person sandbox games where there are different missions (including story missions) placed throughout the map, and these modern games typically have incredibly realistic graphics. Minecraft is nothing like these. It is a 3d sandbox game, but the graphics are blocky and give it a very old school feel.

The goals set in Minecraft are also what make it stand out. There aren’t really any violent objectives. The main purpose of the game is to build things with the different resources you’ve mined. What’s great is the fact that it can also be played online, and there is a big community of gamers who enjoy the game for its uniqueness.

There are thousands of Minecraft servers for PC players, offering a number of different gameplay options.

When I first discovered the game, I thought it was a cute game for little kids. But after playing it, I became addicted, and now I can sit down for hours at a time and attempt to build huge buildings or dive deep underground and see what important resources I can mine.

My son and I have worked together to build entire worlds out of nothing. Sure, we still like to play first-person shooters together from time to time, but Minecraft has provided for a very fun bonding experience that doesn’t come with the same graphic violence that most shooters come with. I definitely prefer playing Minecraft with him over pretty much any game out there. And because the game has so much to offer, I don’t see him getting tired of it any time soon.

December 11, 2015

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