Precision Metal Etching

Metals have been with humans for thousands of years. They have enabled new development as they are harder than most other materials but get softer in fire (unlike stone that only liquefies in volcanos) so they can be shaped. Their glitter is unexplainably attractive. They are electric conductors, which later, turned out to be useful in devices and for protection of buildings against lightning in storms. Of course, this also means metals are more dangerous around electricity. Usage of metals has even worse disadvantages, like dangerous mining that harms the environment. In many parts of the world, discrimination against women and some other people appeared due to increasing role of metals as they require physical strength to shape and use.

Today, work with metals is not as physically exhausting as it used to be. Most is done by machines and people only have to do data input. However, many people still have health problems due to work in mines or blast-furnaces.

Once metals are out of underground and separated from other substances, they can be shaped into different forms and used for jewelry, machines, furniture, vehicles, Qualitetch is one of the companies which do that. The name is a pun that suggests it does quality etching but it really does more than that. It is wide known and recognized as quality in this field and friendly to customers. It has made all kinds of metal parts for devices used in diverse spheres.

Etching must sometimes be supplemented with wire corrosion as even this precise technique can make too big mistakes for the finest parts and some materials are not suitable to be etched. Qualitetch employees claim this is not too high requirement for them. So might be the right place to look for help with your projects.

December 13, 2015

Posted In: Metals