Do Not Break the Key Or Love

Losing or breaking a key is very inconvenient. If you have no copy, you cannot open the door, which sometimes means you are stuck outside in cold. Even worse, if a key breaks in the lock, an identic one will not fit there and you will probably have to replace the whole system. A lost key can be found by anyone, sometimes by someone who will take advantage of it, enter the building and steal. Even if the key is returned to you, you cannot always know if it has been replicated before.

Serrurier fichet paris 19 keys are strong and hard to copy. Locks that match them also look different form others and this is for a reason: they are made to lock and unlock easily with the right key while resisting attempts at forcible opening and removal. All of them are multipoint, securing a stronger protection against burglary, draught and sounds.

The company Fichet locksmith installs doors for different buildings. Those that keep valuable things need particularly armored doors while those for houses and apartments are thinner and made of different materials. Choice of colours is wider there.

The company operates in Paris where the need of armored doors, secure locks, safes and alarm systems is great due to common burglaries. However, this kind of bussiness is not always that serious and only connected to fear and worries. People buy padlocks to symbolically ‘lock’ love and hereby make it permanent at least they believe so. Some couples write their names on a padlock and attach it to something on a romantic place. The most popular places to do this used to be bridge fences in Paris, above Sena. Sadly, the huge numbers of metal padlocks became so heavy that bridges could have fallen if they were not removed.

December 13, 2015

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