Angiospermic plant and its uses

Caralluma is a genus of the flowering plants in the family Apocynaceae in the major group of flowering plants called the Angiosperms. The principle use of Caralluma Fimbriata to spell its full name has been reducing weight and is particularly useful for people plagued with obesity. The hormone Ghrelin is a hunger hormone which triggers hunger in the morning. In order to satiate the hunger people consume breakfast. The downside of this hormone is that in excess levels this hormone causes cravings for carbohydrate rich salty foods which are detrimental to the blood pressure and adds unwanted pounds to the body. Caralluma supplements are recommended to terminate these cravings and reduce the appetite. 500 mg of supplements twice a day has been said to suffice but the doctor’s advice before consuming it is prudent. The plant belonging to cactus family has a historical angle to it since it was used by the ancient hunters to ward off hunger when they went for a long haul after their prey. It is also called ‘Famine Food’ since it has been used by the rural people during famine to suppress the hunger pains and thereby combat starvation.

In tribal India this plant is used as a vegetable in the form of pickle or a conventional food cooked with salt and spices. In a clinical study aimed at determining the weight reducing properties of Caralluma, 43 obese adults with ages ranging from 29 to 59 years were tested. They were randomly divided into two groups for 12 weeks. One group was given Caralluma capsule 500 mg twice a day whereas the other group consumed placebo. The test revealed that the Caralluma group underwent a more significant weight reduction than the placebo group even though both group lost weight. Waist reduction was 2-2 and a half inches in the Caralluma group while for the placebo group it was 1 inches. Caralluma is certainly useful for people seeking to shed weight though with exercise and diet which are indispensable.

December 13, 2015

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